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ADHD, Daily Life, and Missed Opportunities: I’m Not Actually an Introvert or Antisocial

  5.11.2019   Nikki   Life With ADHD   No comments

I realized I haven’t done much writing about how ADHD impacts my daily life and all the simple, little ways it causes some serious heartache. To be honest, I’m just

Disaster Response / Remover of Obstacles

  29.10.2019   Nikki   Life With ADHD   No comments

Two of the really great features (superpowers, really) of ADHD are resilience and being amazing at crisis management. Year ago, when I was immersed in yoga and learning all the

ADD-ing it all up

  16.05.2019   Nikki   Life With ADHD   No comments

In the last couple of years, I’ve been reading up on adult ADD. The most common thread I’ve seen is that most adults – especially women –  come to the