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What is “2e” and What is Meant by “Gifted”: part one

  31.12.2019   Nikki   2e   No comments

Some of you may have caught me referring to myself and/or my son as 2e. This was a categorization of sorts that I’d heard thrown around in the gifted community

kids ‘n tech

Technology’s been a pretty big part of my life for as long as I can remember. My mother was a speed typist and worked in data entry, and I loved

Quiet Please, Part II

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During my appointment at the audiologist, I told her I was starting to think that I was just a cranky, miserable person. Her eyes went wide in surprise, and she

Quiet, Please

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It’s been a fascinating and eye-opening journey these past couple years, as we’ve navigated the whole gifted/ADHD/homeschool thing with my son. Armed with information, it’s been relatively easy to get

Year One / Le première année

We are officially done with our first “school year” of homeschool. I put “school year” in quotes because our homeschool year is year-round. He’s just begun his first class with