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Losing my Mojo or, How I Learned to Prefer Adderall XR over Vyvanse

A little update on my “medication of ADHD:” I’d been going along swimmingly with the Adderall XR. I hung out at 15 mg for a few weeks, which is a

Adderall XR: I Take it Daily to Manage Adult ADHD

Buckle up, this post is on the long side. Medical and psychiatric professionals who prescribe stimulant medications to people with ADHD tell you that it’s absolutely safe (and often advisable)

ADHD, Daily Life, and Missed Opportunities: I’m Not Actually an Introvert or Antisocial

  5.11.2019   Nikki   Life With ADHD   No comments

I realized I haven’t done much writing about how ADHD impacts my daily life and all the simple, little ways it causes some serious heartache. To be honest, I’m just

Runnin’ Up That Hill

So I’m not quite a full month in to this ADHD medication experiment. I had my check-in appointment this past Thursday, and I’m still in the “tritation” phase—that is, slowly

A Note About my ADHD Medication (Adderall XR)

I wanted to keep this here for reference, for anyone considering meds or going through this process now: I have a therapist that I’ve been seeing off and on for

A very long-winded explanation of why I’m taking ADHD medication

(That “work harder” image is a little ADHD joke. “You just need to work harder!”) Way back in the day—you know, when I was an expert on all things child-related