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What is “2e” and What is Meant by “Gifted”: part one

  31.12.2019   Nikki   2e   No comments

Some of you may have caught me referring to myself and/or my son as 2e. This was a categorization of sorts that I’d heard thrown around in the gifted community

kids ‘n tech

Technology’s been a pretty big part of my life for as long as I can remember. My mother was a speed typist and worked in data entry, and I loved

Back to School… But Not!

Today is the first day back to school in our area. For us, that means making sure that our Declaration of Intent to Homeschool has been submitted to the district

Quiet, Please

  15.07.2019   Nikki   Misophonia   No comments

It’s been a fascinating and eye-opening journey these past couple years, as we’ve navigated the whole gifted/ADHD/homeschool thing with my son. Armed with information, it’s been relatively easy to get

Year One / Le première année

We are officially done with our first “school year” of homeschool. I put “school year” in quotes because our homeschool year is year-round. He’s just begun his first class with

Homeschool: the First Six Months

We now officially have six months of homeschooling behind us. We made the decision (well, I made the decision and waited for everyone else to come around) after a disastrous